An Abuja Imam, Sheikh Muhammad Nuru Khalid, who was sacked from leading prayers at the National Assembly Legislators’ Quarters Mosque after speaking against insecurity in Nigeria has gotten a new appointment.

Sheikh Muhammad Nuru Khalid made this known while speaking with Vanguard on Monday, the Imam stated that his sack was a price he had to pay for identifying with the sufferings masses and speaking truth to power.

Speaking further, he stated that he has been appointed by the Management Committee of a new Jum’mat Mosque behind the Central Bank Nigeria (CBN) Quarters, Abuja, to lead the congregation with effect from Friday, April 8.

In his words, he said: “My sack is a reflection of how Nigeria is today. Many people are hiding under the cover of religion to perpetrate all manner unwholesome acts.

“Such people would stop at nothing to take away people like me, who are pro-masses and bold enough to speak the truth to power always on behalf of voiceless Nigerians.

“This is the price we pay for aligning with the people and identifying with their sufferings.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Gumi, a controversial islamic scholar popularly known for negotiating with bandits has described the Imam’s criticisms of the government as worse than kidnapping.

According to Sheikh Gumi while speaking with Daily Post, the Imam was wrong for trying to discourage Nigerians from participating in the election to vote out bad leaders, saying he is worse than kidnappers.

He said, “It’s a case of sentiments overriding intellect. Calling masses not to vote (out the) incompetent government by massive voting is worse than the few kidnappings and a misplaced judgment.”

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