Association of Nigeria Lisence Custom Agents (ANLCA) has called on Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) for the removal of Assistant Comptroller (AC) Abdul A.M. over alleged unprofessional attitude, intimidation and handling of double positions at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport airport, Abuja.

The Association which disclosed this to the media
said the Assistant Comptroller popularly known as V.Boot, is holding two sensitive positions as O.C Evaluations and O.C Post Clearance Audit was abnormal and contradicts the Nigeria Custom Service Act.

One of the agents who pleaded anonymity claims she has connections with Talatu the Deputy Comptroller General (DCG) and the Principal Staff Officer (PSO) to the Comptroller General (CG) therby uses that as an avenue to intimidate people including the Area Comptroller of Custom FCT.

“She has been serving in this FCT command for over 10 years and has been transferred several times but still finds her way back to the FCT Command.

“She has drove alot of importers away with her unprofessional attitude and have caused serious revenue risk to this command which is not in the interest of development.

“We the agents in this command are crying for help because this is not the way Nigeria Custom Service operates and why is Custom still keeping her here.

“Why is Nigeria Custom giving her two positions and why is FCT command the only place she is serving using it to intimidate people,”

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