The National Boundary Commission (NBC) has called on Abia and Imo to embrace maturity, unity and peaceful coexistence in resolving the boundary issues between them.

Surv. Adamu Adaji, the Director-General of NBC made the call in address of welcome at the Joint Meeting of Officials on Abia/Imo Interstate Boundary on Tuesday in Abuja.

Adaji stressed that Abia had been existing under Imo for a long time before it was created, adding that they share similar culture and history.

“Boundary between them became necessary, so that the government of each of them would know where tp provide services to the people under its territory.

“However, we started in 2003 but could not conclude. In 2006 we continued, and in 2009 we reviewed and discussed the obstacles that hindered our efforts so that by 2010 we would finalise.

“We are here again to discuss and review what we have done in the past, where we are now and where we want to be.

“So this meeting is to resuscitate our effort and come out with a roadmap on how to get to the promise. I call on Abia and Imo officials to ensure we achieve a peaceful resolution her,’’ Adaji said.

Speaking, the Deputy Governor of Abia, Mr Ude Chuckwu said he was happy to meet with his brothers and sisters from Imo in the meeting to find solutions to the border issues.

He stressed that there was a long term peaceful coexistence between border communities of the two states.

“Let us discuss the real issue. We hope to find solutions, setting the issues, documenting and setting a visible boundary between the states.

“It is our hope that in the shortest possible time solutions would be found.

“In 2002, documents were provided and we provided documents to NBC in 2003. I hope we are here to continue with the effort,’’ Chukwu said.

SIimilarly, the Deputy Governor of Imo, Prof. Placid Njoku said the meeting was to work out provision to demarcate boundary between Imo and Abia which if solve would put to rest border disputes.

“Abia and Imo have similar culture, they have intermarried, but because they are two states, they see each other as different which is not suppose to be so.

“We, the people of Imo had a sigh of relief when we learnt that NBC is interfering in the border issues. This is because, some communities had court judgment in their favour, but the problems continued

“Similarly, the two state governments have tries to resolve the issues between the border communities, but to no avail.

“In 2020, NBC had meeting with the states in the Southeast and there was a communiqué, but it did not solve the issues. I hope we have a profitable discussion that would lead to finding a lasting solutions to the border crises,’’ Njoku said.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that the meeting attracted, Local Government Chairman, Commissioners, traditional rulers and other government officials from the two states. (NAN)

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