A senator representing Gombe North Senatorial District, Ibrahim Dankwambo, has formally requested the suspension of his pension, allowances, and other benefits as a former governor of Gombe state.

Dankwambo, who was elected in February to represent Gombe North in the Senate, confirmed that he has submitted a letter to Governor Yahaya Inuwa, urging the cessation of his monthly pension and allowances.

In a letter dated October 4, 2023, and personally signed by him, made available to newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday, Dankwambo said that he had not received any welfare benefits, such as medical, transportation, or furniture assistance, since he left office in 2019.

“I have engaged with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Integrity Institutions, Friends, and Associates on this matter and have decided to temporarily suspend these benefits and make appropriate refunds,” he wrote.

“In addition to my previous letter to His Excellency dated September 28, 2023, regarding issues related to security allowances for Governors as per the approval dated September 20, 2002, your letter of June 14, 2019, and the Executive Pension Act of 2007 (as amended), among other related matters.

“I, therefore, respectfully request the suspension of my monthly pension/allowance of N694,557.82 only, which is being paid to me as a former Governor of Gombe State,” he said.

Dankwambo served as the governor of Gombe from 2011 to 2019.

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