A Dentist, Dr Onyebuchi Anago, has advised Nigerians to brush their teeth twice daily in order to prevent cavities.

Anago, who is also the Secretary, Medical Women Association (MWAN), Edo chapter gave the advice in an interview on Saturday in Benin.

According.to her, Cavities are damaged areas in teeth that develop into tiny holes, adding that It can also be called dental caries.

“It is important to brush two times daily; last thing at night and after breakfast in the morning.

“Some persons brush but do not apply the right brushing technique, so it is important to visit a dentist for the right technique for brushing.

“Also, some persons who brush with the right technique, do not use the correct tooth brush or tooth paste.

“Ideally we advise children to use soft bristle tooth brushes and adolescent/adults medium bristles toothbrushes,” she said.

Anago also advised that toothbrushes be changed every three months or once the bristles (hairs on the brush) are bent or weak.

“We are advised to brush with a fluoride containing toothpaste. Fluorides help clean adequately and maintain a good oral hygiene.

“Adults are expected to visit the dentist once or twice every six months for regular dental check-ups,” she said.

The dentist noted that the treatment of cavities varies, depending on the extent of the lesion or decay.

She said that cavities could also be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene.

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