Prof. Jeremiah Ojediran, the Vice-Chancellor, Bells University of Technology, Ota, in Ogun State, has tasked  parents to inculcate the spirit of  hardwork in their children for a better future.

Ojediran gave the advice in an interview with newsmen in Ota on Sunday.

He cautioned parents against pampering their  children,  to prevent them from indulging in illicit practices capable of ruining their future.

He noted that  exposing them to hardwork, endurance, discipline and commitment would make them to be dependable, productive and reliable in future.

“There is the need for a paradigm shift, and parents need to let their children know that hard work is the only best principle towards a  successful  future, ” he said.

“In addition, parents need to prepare these young minds and equip them with needed tools and skills for them towards  a brighter future, ” he said.

The Don noted that children nowadays were fast becoming accustomed to materialism and ostentatious life style  which was not supposed to be.

He lamented that some children wished to attain high level of affluence not by the dint of hardwoork  but by manipulating  their ways through  dubious means of “Yahoo Yahoo” or other criminal tendencies.

“This scenario is  quite retrogressive  and worrisome.”

He advised  parents to correct the notion in their children that they could always have their way for next to nothing, adding that this was the most dangerous and destructive attitude.

He explained that there were numerous  platforms through which  students and children could be engaged in productive ventures, especially considering the array of skills acquisition programmes.

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