A suicide survivor, David Folaranmi, has advised individuals to avoid attempting hard drugs or illicit substance as getting out of addiction can be extremely difficult.

Folaranmi gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Lagos.

Folaranmi described drug addiction as a lifelong companion, indicating that once someone becomes addicted, satisfaction might only be found through drug use.

Folaranmi, who spoke from personal experience, said he endured a seven-year battle with drug addiction that impacted his mental health.

Folaranmi also acknowledged the reality that many people are currently using drugs.
Despite this, he offered a message of hope, stating that recovery is possible for anyone seeking help.

He encouraged those struggling with addiction to reach out to relevant mental health professionals who could guide them through the process of recovery.

He emphasised that with professional support, it is indeed possible to overcome drug addiction and become a thriving individual.

In his own journey to recovery, Folaranmi identified a strong support system as a crucial factor.

He said, “I suffered drug addiction for seven years and it was so terrible. My word to everyone out there is that if you have never attempted drug use, it is best to avoid it completely.

“There is a popular adage that drug abuse or addiction is a one-chance bus, which if you enter into it, you might not come back. So, if you haven’t done it, don’t start.”

Folaranmi highlighted the impact of the support he received from his family and loved ones, which played a significant role in his recovery from both drug addiction and mental health issues.

Folaranmi said that the support he got from his family members and other loved ones facilitated his recovery from the mental health and drug addition challenge.

According to him, he suffered drug addition and mental health condition which made him to attempt suicide.

“When I struggled with mental illness and even when I attempted suicide and I was rushed to a hospital; it was my parents, other family members and religious leaders that helped me come out of it.

“This is because they were readily available to rally around me, giving me all the needed care and support.

“One needs a strong support system to be able to come out of mental illness or drug addiction,” Folaranmi said.

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