The Federal Government says it is committed to the effective and harmonious demarcation of Nigeria-Cameroon border.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, 

Mr Abubakar Malami made this known at the 34th Session of Nigeria/Cameroon Mixed Commission (NCMC) on Thursday in Abuja.

The event was organised by the National Boundary Commission (NBC).

Malami said under the leadership of the Chairman, Mr Mahamat Saleh Annadif, NCMC had made rapid progress and achieved its mandate within a short period.

He said that the recently concluded pillar construction exercise in Lot 6A, B and C in the Atlantika Mountain was a milestone achievement in view of the difficulty in  accessing the area.

“It is also on record that under your able leadership, you were able to resolve the challenges in major disagreement areas, which has been reduced from 13 to three.

“It is also to your credit that we have improved in the frequency of our meetings. This is our second in nine months.

“I want to thank and express our gratitude to our donor agencies and security personnel as it has made them to put in their best.

“I also understand that we have successfully completed the Lot 6 Project and now ready for the Lot 7 as well, and it is good to know that we still have funds to execute the Lot 7 Project from January 2023.

“I want to assure you that Nigeria is committed to the quick and successful execution of the mandate of the NCMC and would not hesitate to make its financial commitment,” Malami said.

He applauded the efforts of the UN on the assignment and requested that a kind consideration should be made to donor partners in the demarcation exercise.

Malami also called for the speedy resolution of the remaining three disagreement areas, adding that he and his Cameroonian counterpart would put heads together to facilitate the resolution.

Annadif said that the 34th Session of NCMC was a testimony to both countries’ joint determination and commitment displayed over the past 20 years for a peaceful resolution of the border dispute between the two countries.

“This meeting is a reflection of the willingness of both heads of delegation and both countries to move towards the finalisation of the demarcation process.

“A great deal of work has already been accomplished in this respect by the NCMC.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend all those officials, delegates, and  experts from Cameroon, Nigeria and the United Nations for the work they have carried out in often remote and difficult to access areas.

“I again commend the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Government of Cameroon for their efforts to secure these areas, which enabled the demarcation teams to carry out their activities and achieve these significant results,” Annadif said.

The Leader of the Cameroon delegation, Mr Zoah Michel, appreciated Malami and Annadif, adding that his country was ready and committed to the activities of the NCMC.

Also, the Director-General of the NBC, Mr Adamu Adaji expressed appreciation to the delegation from Cameroon and Nigeria, as well as the experts.

He said for the past 20 years, the NBC had been traversing the over 2100 kilometers of the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon.

“Some of us have paid the supreme price of losing their lives. May their souls rest in peace.

“We thank the governments of Nigeria and Cameroon for their commitment and efforts; and the UN for the effective coordination; and to our donor partners,” Adaji said. (NAN)

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