A Medical practitioner, Dr Adekunle Ojo, has urged government workers to always engage in regular medical check- up to enhance healthy living.

Ojo gave the advice in an interview in Oye-Ekiti on Sunday.

He said many civil servants does not visit hospital for medical examination unless they have health challenges that needs urgent treatment.

Dr Ojo explained that one of the major factors that enhances good healthy lifestyle was regular medical check-up of ones health status on monthly basis.

He said checking of sugar level, Blood pressure(BP), body weight, eyes and ears conditions especially for persons above 40 years old are very important.

” Many people are of the opinion that it is only sick individuals that need to visit hospital afterall they are fine.

” The truth of the matter is many individuals are carrying various underline sickness and they are not aware because they have refused to visit the hospital for medical check-up.

” I witness an incident whereby a 45 year old man drove himself to the hospital for medical check-up and by the time his blood pressure was examined, it was 200/50mmhg, I had to quickly administer drugs to him to bring it down.

” If he was not being careful of his health by visiting the hospital regularly, he might not be alive presently but to the glory of God he is healthy and living fine,” he said.

The medical practitioner urged all chairmen of local government areas, heads of parastatals and heads of departments to always educate the workers on the importance of medical check-up.

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