By Angela Atabo (NAN)

A Coalition of the Labour Party (LP) Support Groups on Friday called on youths to use the 2023 election toward creating a new Nigeria.

The groups included -Yell Out Nigeria, Country First/ 100MMAN March ,Obidient Global March and Peter Obi Support Network.

Dr Moses Paul, Convener, Yell Out Nigeria, said this while addressing newsmen in Abuja.

Paul said that in September, the nation witnessed a major shift in the tectonic plates of its politics with the emergence of Peter Obi as LP presidential candidate.

“Young Nigerians converged at various locations across the country, drawn from their homes, ideologies, religions, ethnicities, with the idea of creating a better Nigeria.

“They marched in mega rallies in support of the candidacy of Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed.

“For the first time in over two decades of the 4th republic, young Nigerians were bound together by common purpose to forge a path for the restoration of the common destiny who bear the demonym Nigerian.

“For some, it was an opportunity to contribute their voice to the electoral process. For others, it was a platform to voice frustrations and hope for a better future,” he said.

He added:”We cannot deny the many positive impacts this new way of thinking and affection for Nigeria has had on our politics.”

Paul said that Nigerians have how much stakes they held as citizens and how effective political engagement and participation could give birth to good fortunes for the country.

According to him, the Obidient Movement has become a rendezvous for all Nigerians whose life path are entwined with the ideology of a New Nigeria.

He said that Obi and Datti birth a new Nigeria for all as they would be supported come Feb.25 elections.

“We will take a stand for Nigeria without bending to any form of intimidation, mischaracterisation or dark propaganda.

” This is why unlike their rented crowds, we are organic and our allegiance is only to Nigeria.

“Today, we make a new call to all Obidients to prepare to march in our grand rally this Saturday, Feb. 18,” he said.

Paul said the Obidient Global March was a statement of a renewed hope and undying love for Nigeria.

He added that it was a platform for expression of the determination to save Nigeria from the hands of political marauders whose time had come to an end.

“It is the stamp of our feet on the grounds of a new nation built on equity, justice, fairness, and service.

“Come Saturday, we will remind Nigerians of their right to vote and defend their votes,”he said (NAN)

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