The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday declared that the refusal and failure of President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to take action on Saturday attack on Kaduna International Airport by terrorists but, continued to jamboree in Abujain the name of a National Convention, revealed and confirmed that the administration has conceded sovereignty over parts of the countryto terrorists.

It said that the country has never had it this bad with such a weak, uncoordinated and cluelessPresident with an inhumane, visionless and propaganda-driven political party like the APC.

The PDP specifically noted that the Saturday invasion of the Kaduna airport by terrorists (code-named bandits by the (APc), is a clear confirmation that the nation’s security, command and control structure under the All President Muhammadu Buhari-led AllProgressives Congress (APC) administration has completely collapsed.

The party noted that alarming invasion of the airport by terrorists at a time outlaws, kidnappers and marauders have taken over the nation’s highways and railways has further heightened security concerns that nowhere is safe in the country under the APC.

The Party in a statement by its NationalPublicity Secretary, Hon. DeboOlogunagba stressed that President Buhari’s nonchalant disposition to this grave security challenge indicates that his administration unable, unwilling and or complicit in this particular attack as well as various other acts of terrorism in our country.

The PDP said that it is indefensibly suspicious that while an international airport in the country was under attack by over 200 terrorists with many Nigerians being held hostage andtraumatized, President Buhari and the APC continued in their carnival in Abuja without acknowledging or expressing concern.

The Party said; “Is this not a case of Buhari fiddles while Nigeria burns? The APC government has failed, become numb to violence against our citizens and can no longer perform its primary duty under Section 14 (2)(6) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic ofNigeria 1999 (as amended) which provides that “security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.

“President Buhari’s failure to address theKaduna Airport attack is consistent with his characteristic abdication of duty at critical times. Nigerians can recall how in January this year, Mr. President cancelled his scheduled visit to Zamfara State, a state that is daily traumatized by terrorists.

“By that action, Mr. President allowed shared sovereignty with terrorists over a part of the territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This acquiesce emboldened the terrorists to now expand their control to the international airportin Kaduna ostensibly with the possibility of using it to import arms and ammunition as well as coordinate terrorist activities in our country.

“One of the main features or determinants of sovereignty is the ability of an authority to impose taxes, enforce collection, control commercial activities as well as exit and entry points including airports.

Under President Buhari, terrorists haveestablished sovereignty in substantial parts of the country especially in the North West and North East regions, where terrorists execute laws and Impose penalties, collect taxes, control commerclal and transportation activitiesand now scaringly take control of aninternational airport with grave negativeconsequences to our national image in the world.

“Nigerians should therefore rally round the PDP in our mission to rescue our nation from the precipice and restore the unity and security of her people,” the PDP said.

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