On Tuesday a man identified as Onoh Chukwuma allegedly took his own life after reportedly losing N2.5 million to betting.

According to reports, Chukwuma, a Facebook user, had lost N2.5 million to betting and was unable to bear the shame and pressure. Just before his de@th, he posted a message on his Facebook wall announcing his intention to take his own life.

The message read: “Today is my last day on earth! I’m going to meet my maker. Thank you Chima Anyaso, Ikukuoma Abia, Kelvin Jombo Onumah, Ekwueme Ohafia, and my friends. My spirit is with you all.”

Friends, unaware of the drastic action he was about to take, rushed Chukwuma to Madonna Hospital, Umuahia. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of doctors, he succumbed to the effects of the insecticide.

Reports suggest that Chukwuma’s alleged suicide was due to the immense pressure and shame he felt after losing a significant amount of money to gambling. He had reportedly borrowed N1.5 million in addition to his own N1 million to fuel his betting addiction, leading to a financial strain and mounting pressure from creditors.

One friend, Ibeako Esther Chisom, expressed their heartbreak on Facebook, stating: “Onoh Chukwuma Richard, I am heartbroken. I watched the doctors and nurses giving you pressure to see if you can come back but all proved abortive and your pause dropped as the doctor confirmed you dead right in front of me and other of your friends.”

Another user, Obika James Abuchi, questioned Chukwuma’s decision, writing: “U had 1m and borrowed 1.5m to play bet, it failed, cuz of the shame from debtors you took your life? Onoh who taught you this?”

Chukwuma’s death has sparked discussions about the dangers of gambling addiction and the importance of seeking help for mental health issues. Friends and family have taken to his Facebook page to share condolences and express their grief.

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