Dr. Opeyemi Abioye, a medical expert, has advised journalists in Ekiti State to abstain from drinking and participate in a in regular sex in order to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Abioye urged them to participate in frequent sexual intercourse with their partners during a Health Talk to commemorate the 2022 NUJ Press Week in Ado Ekiti.

This, he claims, helps the heart control blood pressure, release endorphins, and burn calories.

He further prescribed the “Diet Exercise Drug (DED)” which will propel them to engage in deliberate physical exercise rather than focusing on taking drugs.

“Recent research has shown that alcohol is of no benefit, stop taking it.

However, it can be moderate because too much of everything is bad.

“Also, make sure you have regular sex like three to four times a week. Endorphins are released during sex which makes one feel good and burn calories.

“Engage in Diet Exercise Drug (DED), which enables you to engage in deliberate physical exercise rather than focusing on taking drugs.

“Eat food that is rich in vitamins like Oranges, Watermelon and makes sure you take them in moderation.

“Make sure you give yourself adequate sleep. Come to the clinic and check your blood pressure and sugar level regularly for monitoring and management of your health.

Know the source of the water you are taking, and make sure the source of the water is protected from contamination to avoid waterborne disease that carries bacteria, viruses, and fungi.”

Speaking on the essence of the Health Talk, the Chairman of Ekiti State NUJ, Comrade Rotimi Ojomoyela, described the profession as a long-term job, which has no break hence, the need to check their health status.

“Even if we are on vacation considering the nature of our work, we work every day because we can be called at anytime.

“Sometimes, we stand for hours and work under the sun so, there is a need for us to do regular checks, to see how to fit we are,” he noted

Source: anaedo online.

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