A 62-year-old retired banker, Mr Kazeem Ogidan  on Wednesday sought the dissolution of his 36-year-old marriage to wife, Risikat in an Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos.In his petition, Ogidan, accused his wife of beating him.

Ogidan, who resides in Lowcost Estate in Ikorodu, begged the court to grant him divorce.

”My wife beats me, She has also instigated our four children to beat me. My first born has threatened to poison me.

‘Our third born has also threatened to stab me. They conspire against me every day,” he said.

However, Risikat, 58, a trader, denied the claims and accused her husband of not making her happy.

“My husband is always fighting me. I have no rest of mind.

”My children grew up watching their father beat me. They try to defend me.

”They never beat him’” she said.

The president of the Court, Mrs Saadat Quadri, queried the two children present in court over the allegations that their father laid against them.

She adjourned the case until May 26 for Judgment.

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