Abdulrasheed Opeyemi, the personal assistant of Oladips, has claimed the rapper died and rose again three days later.

On November 15, Oladips’ management announced that the rapper had passed away.

The management also released the rapper’s 17-track album titled ‘Superhero Adugbo’.

Shortly after, there were however rumours suggesting that the rapper had faked his death to gain clout.

On November 23, the rapper shared a “proof of life” video on his Instagram page.

A week later, Oladips blamed the rumours on his associates whom he claimed did not “tell the full story of what transpired”.

Speaking with PUNCH, Opeyemi said the rapper’s manager “thought he was dead because he was not breathing”.

He alleged that the rapper, who was with his family for three days, got revived on the third day.

“I do not know how to say this. It was a misinterpretation by the manager who has access to Oladips’ page,” he said.

“We all thought he was de@d because he was not breathing until the third day when he was revived. By then, the manager had already shared the story.

“Even I could not reach him until the third day.”

He further revealed that the manager has been sacked.

“You are speaking with the right person in the label. The manager who shared the story has since been sacked. Oladips will soon address everyone on the issue,” he added.

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