An Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Harun Eze, has charged Muslim faithfuls to always give zakat to ease the current economic hardship facing the citizenry.

Eze was speaking at an Annual Ramadan Lecture organised by the Afemai Islamic Movement (AIM) from Edo North, in Abuja on Sunday.

The theme of the lecture was “The Role of a Muslim in mitigating the current socioeconomic situation in Nigeria”.

The Sheikh pointed out key factors leading to the economic challenges as unemployment, corruption, poverty and inflation.

According to him, “the strategic way to curb the situation is our firm hold to the belief that Allah is our sustainer and also constant recitation of the holy Qur’an, Patience and kindness.”

He urged Muslims to always give out charity/zakat to the poor needy as it would go a long way to reduce hunger in the country.

“We must also engage in seeking Allah’s mercy and forgiveness as we may not know how we offend Allah.

“Allah has promised that in every hardship comes ease and seeking forgiveness is a way of gaining His love,” he said.

Also, Barrister Fatimah Oyarebu, a member of the movement, said that the lecture focused on increased worship of Allah, patience, and kindness to humanity regardless of the religion, while encouraging Muslims to abide by this.

In the same vein, Mallam Nasir Ozama, Chairman of the movement, pleaded with the government to take the necessary steps aimed at ameliorating the suffering of the citizenry occasioned by the current hardship. (NAN)

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