Nigerian veteran actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, known as RMD and Patrick Otoro of Rivers of Water Production are set to unify Nigerians with a stage musical drama ‘One Good Man’.

The director of the stage musical dance drama, Otoro stated this while briefing the press in Abuja

Otoro said that the stage musical drama is in 13 parts.

According to Otoro, the musical drama showcase practical realities and Nigerian diversity that promote unity and peaceful coexistence.

“Many years ago, students use to eat chicken in school, school fees was never an issue; we use to have good lecturers that were willing to teach and impact on the students, where are those day?

“We use to have good hospitals and roads. In those days when we were growing up and nobody wants to know if you are a Muslim or Christian, Hausa or Igbo?

“We use to coexist without any perceived difference. I remember when I was a little boy from the south-south growing up in the north; when I slept in my Muslim brother’s house, his parents would carry me in their arms to my parents house.

“We want those days to come back. So the question is, who is that one good man that would lead us to the promise land. That is what the stage musical drama wants to achieve,” he said.

He noted that Nigeria was diverse.

“I reckon that musical drama will help us express the diversity of Nigeria effectively on stage with music, costume and cuisine.

“Most of the songs we use are Nigerian songs,” Otoro said.

He explained further that the musical drama has about 13 songs with creative dancing, showcasing different tribes in the country.

He added that the dances were directed by a dynamic choreographer ‘Elevator’.

Otoro, however, said RMD would play Baba Tega, the father of the lead character.

He said that the stage musical drama would be shown to the public on Nov.12 and 13 at NAF Conference, Abuja.

“Summarily, our story is that of contemporary Nigeria. You know that we are in electioneering season where politicians are now campaigning, asking Nigerians to vote them into power.

“So we are telling Nigerians to vote wisely. Electorate should chose right. Who is that one good man that we will cast our ballot for?

“It is in our hands, we can change our story; that is the story we want to tell.

“I thank RMD and other members of the cast and crew. They have worked very hard in this project. Nigerians should vote wisely from the president to local government chairmen,” Otoro urged. (NAN)

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