The Russian President Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Vladimir says the country will on April 1.cut off gas supply to other European countries unless they pay for the gas in Russian Roubles.
Meanwhile, France and Germany has rejected the Russian condition.

With his demand for payments in the Russian currency, Vladimir Putin has dealt a surprise blow to Western countries still using large volumes of Russian gas for their energy needs.

The measure would apply to a total of 48country’s deemed “hostile” and include the United States, the UK, and all members of the European Union, the Russian president said.

“I want to emphasize that Russia willdefinitely continue to supply natural gas in line with the volumes and prices and pricing mechanisms set forth in the existing contracts,” Putin added. 

According to a transcript published on the Kremlin website on Wednesday,Germany, the biggest buyer of Russian gas, said the announcement on ruble payments is a breach of the contracts, and the nation will speak to its European partners on how to respond, Economy Minister Robert Habecksaid.


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