Senior Pastor Fracis Uche of the New Eden Chapel, Ikotun, Lagos, has blamed the family, church, school and relevant  government agencies for hard drug intake destroying some youths.

Uche spoke with Newsmen in Lagos on Sunday.

The cleric reacted to suicide by one Mr Abdulrahman Odunare-Olamilekan  in Lagos recently.

Twenty-five-year-old Odunare-Olamilekan jumped into a lagoon at Epe, Lagos State.

His widow, Sofiat Amusa, reportedly  said that he  took his life due to depression that resulted from hard drugs intake.

Uche said that  drug addiction was destroying the youth, adding that it was dangerous for the society.

“Everyone in the society should be blamed as the three agents  of scoialisation –  church, school and family  – have performed below expectations in youth grooming.

“Those manning the nation’s entrance gates through which those dangerous substances enter the country should be alive to their responsibilities and halt their influx.

“Religious leaders should declare hard drug intake an emergency situation and exhibit a high level of responsibility by using their platforms to preach against it,” he said.

He urged the Federal Government to apprehend drug traffickers to save the youth. 

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