The Voice of Nigeria (VON) has solicited collaboration with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create positive narratives that have the potential to instigate and attract local and foreign investments.

The Director-General of VON, Malam Jibrin Baba-Ndace, stated this when he led the management team to pay a courtesy visit to his counterpart at SEC, Mr Lamido Yuguda, on Thursday in Abuja.

According to Ndace, VON and SEC are public institutions, established for public good , stressing that while SEC is for finance sector, VON is for the information and communication sector.

“Since my assumption in office, I have been looking at the mandate, and focus on the gaps I inherited, and I thought that my first rule is to reactivate the existing relationships, deepen them, and open new ones.

“I also discovered that what you hear about Nigeria outside the country are negative stories. Nigeria is not a bad country. There are good things happening in Nigeria and in SEC.

“And therefore, VON as a public institution, we promised that we will be deliberate and intentional in creating positive narratives about Nigeria, using content from organisations like SEC.

“This is because, if we don’t create the right narrative, people will not want to come and invest in our country and that is the role of SEC.

“There is need to create positive perception about Nigeria, stability in the capital market and other good things that will encourage both local and foreign investors to believe in our country and be able to invest,” Ndace said.

The VON D-G assured Yuguda that as an institution that broadcast in eight languages – four local and four foreign – with the plan of adding Madarin language in China and others, it would be a great partner for SEC.

Ndace further reiterated that VON was the first line charge in pushing out the positive narrative about Nigeria and share content with other foreign broadcast stations.

“We are in the era of fake news and as a public institution, we are consistent in telling our stories.

“So, I’m here to offer VON platform that will amplify, echo and re-echo what SEC is doing under your leadership.

“I want VON to be the platform that SEC will use to tell its stories. I also want to offer that, anytime you want an interview or a programme in Hausa, Igbo, Youruba, Fulfulde, English, French, Arabic and Swahili, I’m a phone call away.

“However, as VON, we are committed to the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu who has made a difference by being courageous and consistent in taking decisions,” Ndace said.

In his response, Yuguda recalled that SEC and VON used to have a joint programme and directed his management team to reactivate the programme.

The SEC boss explained the difference between the Stock Exchange Market and the Security and Exchange Commission.

“The SEC is a regulator that regulates the capital market and other exchanges that create platforms where buyers and sellers of stocks/shares meet.

“We have a dual mandate to regulate and develop the sector, because, today, the definition of capital market is expanding and more new products and services are coming in.

“Therefore, there is need for a strong relationship between VON and SEC to educate investors and members of the public on what these markets are, where they stop, and where the unregulated markets begin.

“These will help the people and investors to really make their choices, and it is very important, because, some organisations are out to defraud people,” Yuguda said.

He encouraged Nigerians and especially the young ones, to invest in equity and bonds as their decision would affect the country either positively or negatively.

“If you invest in equity and bonds, you are contributing money to the government or company that is producing goods and services that you are consuming at home. People who buy shares in telecom are investing in infrastructure”. (NAN)

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