The Director-General of Voice of Nigeria (VON) Malam Jibrin Baba Ndace has solicited for partnership with Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) to project positive narrative of Nigeria, Africa and the good works of the Commission.

Ndace during a courtesy visit with his management team to the new Executive Secretary of NCPC, Bishop Stephen Adegbite said President Bola Tinubu has a mindset of appointing the best hands to run affairs of his government.

He commended Adegbite for all his prayers for the country and expressed confidence in his capacity to bring positive changes to NCPC.

“I am here to, first, let you know about VON. It is the only public broadcast established by the Federal Government to tell the stories about Nigeria, Nigerians, Africa and Africans.

“We broadcast in eight languages, four local and four foreign; Hausa, Igbo, Fulfulde, Yoruba, English, French, Arabic and Swahili.

“The focus is to amplify the cultural diversity of Nigeria and Africa to the world, our characteristics, opinion of Nigeria and by extension enhance Nigeria foreign policy.

“And also, base on the modern trend and global best practice, we have reached out to the Chinese and Indonesia Governments to see the possibility of expanding our broadcast in other foreign languages.

“We are here to tell you that VON is a platform for all Nigerians and Africa, including NCPC and to also partner with you, because you are doing a lot.

“And every pilgrim is an ambassador of the country, there is no better platform to project that than VON. Pilgrimage is a national assignment.

“I also want to request that in this partnership, we should be part of the Christian Pilgrimage movement. We have competent reporters that can give feed back to Nigeria and project Nigeria to the world,” Ndace said.

The VON boss also offer the NCPC a platform for dedicated programme by the Commission to tell Nigerian stories from Jerusalem and other places during pilgrimage.

He lauded the effort of President Bola Tinubu and his capacity to attract the best team and envisage the future, adding that Adegbite was also a team member during the time of Tinubu regime in Lagos.

Ndace also said that VON is determine to fight against fake news in the country including fake news relating to pilgrims during pilgrimage in holy land.

He called on the NCPC boss to continue to pray for Nigeria.

In his response, Adegbite appreciated Ndace and said the Commission is determine to key into the Renewed Hope Agenda of Tinubu.

“You came at a wonderful time, we are in season of lent, sober reflection, and all that we need in Nigeria today is prayers and we will continue to pray for Nigeria. And soon, the Muslim community will join and start the Ramadan.

“The two of us must work together in synergy. We are one nation, one country and Nigeria is greater than any of us. And that is why we must guide it jealously. We don’t have any country to go to.

“No country in Africa can absorb Nigerians, because, anything that happens to Nigeria, the whole of Africa is in trouble, and that is why we say to our people that let there be peace in Nigeria.

“We are facing some challenge, but we are also coming out of this woods, because of what President Tinubu is doing.

“I have attended many programmes in VON in Lagos and we will continue to work together. Our assignment is beyond pilgrimage, we are to bring people together and pray for the country among other duties,” Adegbite said.

He said VON would be in the priority list of the Commission during pilgrimage.(NAN)

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